Saturday, May 31, 2003

Iran Vs. U.S. Situation So let me put my thoughts about Iran-U.S. situation together. Pentagon Crew – Hawks – want to solve everything the hard way, but the foreign minister – Collin Powel – has the job to find political solutions for every problem. They all want to do the best thing for their country, something nice & easy. Their priority is Iraq & Iran’s nuclear program & middle-east peace process. They want Iran not to interfere with what’s going on in Iraq. They want Iran not to interfere with the peace process & they want Hezbollah to be a political party. As we all know Hezbollah is under Iran’s full control. They want to make sure Iran can’t make a nuclear bomb. A way to do all these things is to attack Iran & replace the government with something new and more logic. They can’t do that now. They don’t have enough reasons. But I think they’ll have the reasons in a year or so. They can have good reasons about human rights and Iran’s nuclear program. An important thing is an alternative for the government. Shah’s son is not a perfect leader and Americans know that. They should wait until good alternatives appear, maybe from Iran’s reformists. With all these difficulties Americans look for their targets in another way. They‘re shaking Iran’s hand with one hand & push Iran with the other. They tell us what they want in meetings and they warn us in press conferences. They take what they want step by step here and they continue their programs about changing the government somewhere else. These two ways meet each other. That’s when they want something from Iran, the government can’t say yes (something like dissolving “Sepah Pasdaran”) and they’re ready to attack Iran. By then the U.N.’s report about human rights in Iran is ready. By then the report about Iran’s nuclear programs is ready. By then Iran’s case about an explosion in Argentina is ready. By then document’s about Iran’s interfere in Zahran’s Explosions may be ready. By then an Iraqi government take the power in Iraq Hawks will be ready for the next target. I wonder where are we in this story.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Giving myself a last chance is a risk I should take now Today is an important day in the history of my life. It's a beginning of a program. I'm thinking about giving it a name. It's about me having a very powerful will to do my Uni-Stuff in time. I have been failed lots of times; I give myself this last chance. I need this last chance. It's based on me only. I don't count on anybody about this. I need to get my shit together. I have a target, I have the will, and I'm a good organizer …. I can do this.

Monday, May 26, 2003

When a Negative Layout Effects My Positive Base I like myself when I’m in love. I surprise myself when I’m in love. Some say you have never been in love, maybe I get surprised easily.
Smells Like Blood For Freedom So, it seems like reaching the end. After losing all the opportunities, after killing every small bit of hope, after all these years of trying to do the impossible, some big guy is going to do it for us. From now on we’re going to watch Americans push it harder. The government will listen to what they say and what they want every time too late to make it a chance. Americans say they don’t want to attack Iran & they’re counting on Iran’s people. Once again …. We’re going to die for freedom, We’re going to think if we should do it or not, We’re going to kill each other for freedom, We’re going to take the revenge, We’re going to wonder who to choose, We're going to hear them say it won't work, We're going to believe it won't work, ……… Maybe it’s our way of freedom. Let’s make it to the end.

Friday, May 02, 2003

What I gain in unconscious I can’t keep in conscience. I can only see it exists, it’s like I can’t reach it. What if conscience & unconscious become one?

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Hi This is my first post here. I had a weblog but since "blogsky" server is down I thought maybe it would be a good idea to create the same thing here. Blogsky was easier and more friendly but as I wanted to write somewhere I'm gonna deal with "html" and finally create something on my own. You will see it sooner than you think.