Monday, May 26, 2003

Smells Like Blood For Freedom So, it seems like reaching the end. After losing all the opportunities, after killing every small bit of hope, after all these years of trying to do the impossible, some big guy is going to do it for us. From now on we’re going to watch Americans push it harder. The government will listen to what they say and what they want every time too late to make it a chance. Americans say they don’t want to attack Iran & they’re counting on Iran’s people. Once again …. We’re going to die for freedom, We’re going to think if we should do it or not, We’re going to kill each other for freedom, We’re going to take the revenge, We’re going to wonder who to choose, We're going to hear them say it won't work, We're going to believe it won't work, ……… Maybe it’s our way of freedom. Let’s make it to the end.

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