Monday, June 30, 2003

What Goes On Around Iran

Ok, When they can't attack (is that right?) Iran They control the government economically. It's the best way and if they do it seriously they get anything in a short time. Iran has nothing but oil, every industrial power we had broke down because of stupid governmental management over the past two decades. If Americans can delay new deals with Iran, It's going to be tough. They have started it with Japan. "Japan is eyeing an oil deal with Iran that could strain ties with the United States, which is trying to isolate Tehran for allegedly sponsoring terrorism" I found in Star On Line. There is another thing about Iran's relations to India on It says: "The United States should be wary of the strengthening ties between the troublesome regime in Iran and India, a nuclear power whose government sometimes behaves in irresponsible fashion."
In middle of a two-day visit to Iran Jack Straw - Britain Foreign Minister - Declared that "he would urge Iranian President Mohammad Khatami later Monday to allow more intrusive inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities by the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency", he said "No one should ever compare Iran with Iraq in terms of their political systems or their danger", then he added "if Iran fails to do so, they will not be able to make progress on other issues" including a planned trade agreement between Iran and the European Union.
As far as I know Iran has resisted UK pressure to open up its nuclear sites to tougher inspections, saying it would expect "positive steps" in return. But Hassan Rohani, secretary-general of the Supreme National Security Council, told visiting British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw that Iran would invite ElBaradei for "talks to remove technical problems," the official IRNA news agency reported. "He has received the invitation and intends to respond positively," IAEA spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told Reuters.
After all these political activities it's good to see what "THE HAWKS" want: The United States must be willing to destroy a range of Iranian facilities to ensure the elimination of Iran's nuclear weapons program, A report by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy asserts.

It’s like there is no one who chooses the right thing before getting fucked up a couple of times.
It means we first come strong.
Then we break.
Then we break.
Then we break.
Then we become a weak fucked up person who is finally accepting.
Then it’s the time you face people who hasn’t been broken yet. They push you away and you see what’s happening but there’s nothing you can do, because they have to experience it themselves.
Maybe we shouldn’t worry, cause there’s nothing that time can not heal.

I might kill someone these days, STAY AWAY.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Let’s talk about “St. Anger”. I first was so excited about hearing a thrash metal album played by metallica, I still am. But maybe it’s better to first see it without considering it a metallica material.
Vocal is bad. Sometimes it gets annoying. Especially when he is turning from his hard voice to his soft voice, something bad happens in between.
Lyrics are good. As it’s clear they’re angry. There are brilliant lines everywhere & the important thing is it gets along well with the music.
Music is in the middle. Many of the rhythms seems like they have been played before. Maybe they listened to too much "system of a dawn". There no melodies, I have no problem with that. You wanna know the truth, I don’t know what’s wrong with it, I like it when I listen but there is no will to listen again. Maybe this style just doesn’t tolerate many over 4-minutes songs.
I think it will take another album for them to find a unique acceptable style after all these years of bullshit like “load” & “reload”. After all there are 3-4 songs I really liked. I like the feeling in lyrics that they’re not proud what of wasted years. I like the feeling they want to be back.
Anyway, It’s a good return.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

You should give your mind something to play with, or it will make up crazy games you'll die playing.

If the anger helps you, then be angry.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Anything concerns people, NGOs & especially youth of Iran is full of hope, innovation & new thoughts. Here's something new, Mashregh: A Community Weblog For Persians In English. They gather all the news links about Iran they find useful. Congratulations on your new site folks.

Let chaos entwine on defenseless soil

Here is something nice, the first Professional ISP & Internet-Based Phone Festival. The website is in persian & those of you who doesn't know persian may find it not useful, sorry about that. Anyway, it shows the progress weby stuff made in the last couple of years in Iran.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Quit Smoking Pot

Target: not smoking pot anymore
Plan: I stay home more than I did these last months, maybe last couple of years.
I make a list of my friends who doesn't smoke and I manage to hang out with them more.
I want my close friends (which I hang out with a lot) not to hand me pot when they're smoking and consider me as a non-smoker.
I do not drink instead of smoking until the time I know it's not instead.
I do a sport this summer; I work out at home everyday.
I drink a lot of water.
It began June 25 2003 as I woke up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

There is an original CD of Metallica's new album in my CD player & there's great news for all you metal fans, it's good. I'll write later about it cause I heard it only once.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Studying and listening to Radiohead's albums.

Monday, June 23, 2003

I Will come up with a post about What goes on in Iran soon. These two titles seems nice to be permanent titles for such posts.

What goes on around Iran

Ok, politics again. Iran is in headlines these days, no doubt about that. I have never seen this much articles in U.S. state newspapers about Iran. It’s like each one of them has something to say about us.
It was the same way Iraq war occurred, first it was in the newspapers, but politicians denied everything, then, step by step U.S. officials start to say the same things. It was exactly when the public heard enough of it so people wouldn’t freak out hearing them from the president. This is how things work in 2003 and everyone should gain their own interests through the media, and at the end I believe people won’t pick something wrong. So if anyone has anything to say should say it now.
By the way, senator Brownback pushes change for Iran “Using the same philosophy that drove the war in Iraq” said Alan Bjerga in an article at
In the mean time secretary of state – Colin Powell – is doing the same thing I described above. He said: "We are against Iranian support of terrorist activities, against [a] nuclear weapons development program. We hope that the Iranians will not play an unhelpful role in our reconstruction efforts in Iraq." And then he said: "But for some to go beyond that and say the United States is getting ready for something aggressive or looking for another place to have a conflict, it is absolutely wrong." There's another article agrees that U.S. officials are doing the same thing they did with Iraq.
I found an article at based in India which looks at the situation from opposite view. It agrees that revolution in Iran went the wrong way, but it also says that we – Iranian – owe it to ourselves and it’s our problem, we should get over it. It warns Bush: “Bush must have realized by now that conquering Iraq may have been a least difficult of problems but how does he conquers the hearts & minds of a people.”
People's Mujahedeen's situation is steel not clear. France goverment has released many of them but some are still in jail. there some sayings about returning them to Iran but seems untrue. They are doing anything they can to avoid any further harm.
And the most important issue about Iran is our nuclear power. Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country would condition its nuclear cooperation with Iran on Tehran's openness to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency. He pointed to an unofficial deal and said: "Moscow would insist that the new Iraqi authorities allow some of Russia's major investment projects to go forward." Iran has not accept new not-arranged visits yet but with this much pressure from around the world, they will.
At the end here is one thing Iran did to ease the situation in the past couple of days - and I must say it worths nothing. they declare that Iran has identified some of Al-qaeda members that were arrested in Iran.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

You’re back to your shelter, shelter is cozy and warm & it’s secure. You remind me that I once had a shelter. It’s full of concentration, power, and beautiful thoughts and …. . But now when I’m there, something is missing. Now that I know someone like you exists.
I’m watching you from my shelter. I watch you loving who you are and becoming who you love, but I can’t let you go, because I’m the poet and you’re my muse.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

I'm tired of spoons & forks, I wanna eat with my hands.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

There is something weird about bloging and feeling bad about some of the posts. because every post shows a feeling that belongs to a specific period of time.
It's a good way of reviewing personal feelings.
Some of them I just want to delete, but then I think they'd better be there & so I can know myself better.

To My Own Attention

I should say it now that this is a preparation. I mean this site, because I have my university final exams now & I can’t keep up with the news and all the other stuff in my head. So I’m experiencing everything that comes to my mind, new forms of writing, new links & I’m working on how to use HTML cause I’m weak at that.

What's The Fucking Matter?
I’m surrounded with people who love me so much and I love them as well. But every time I happen to love a girl as a girlfriend it just doesn’t work.

Monday, June 16, 2003

The other night (Sunday night) protests in Tehran were less than before and traffic was not as heavy as before. Friday night militia forces attacked demonstrators with knives and chains and beat them really bad. It was like they were told to be more serious, as they attack some dormitories a couple of hours later that night. Yesterday an influential group of Iranian dissidents issued an unprecedented declaration defending the right to criticize their leaders. Various people with different ideas have signed the declaration and that’s the important point about the letter. Let’s take a look at foreign newspapers articles about Iran. There are some new accusations like Iran recruits Saddam's scientists to build long-range missile from Daily Telegraph and N Korea exports missiles to Iran by air from Japan Today. " The Public Security Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has arrested the president, senior executives and employees of a machinery manufacturer on suspicion of illegally exporting to Iran machinery with military potential. " been said on . As we're getting closer to Monday's meeting of the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency there are more news about Iran's atomic situation. There is an article in MSNBC which represent a useful point of view. it says "experts are questioning whether it's really possible to stop countries — let alone terrorists — from acquiring such weapons. " and "If the nonproliferation regime cannot solve this problem with Iran, I think the nonproliferation treaty will become not irrelevant, but a place where the good guys show that they are good guys — not a real treaty that can be used to resolve tensions.'' There is an article about "Mojahedine Khlagh", A terorrist group based in Iraq which now they are under supervision of U.S. forces in Iraq.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

What’s going on in the streets of Tehran
So, for the fourth night in some regions of Tehran, demonstrations & street fights took place. I didn’t go to such places like “amirabad”, “velenjak” & “Kargar Street” because of lots of reasons I’ll talk about later. But there is some accurate information and might be interesting: I know one person who was injured at the first night, he was hit in the head, and his skull is cracked. First they took him to one of Sepah’s hospitals, but because of his dangerous situation they let him out to another hospital after his parents gave them a house ownership. I talked to some people who were hit by the “electric sticks” (I don’t know if this is the right name for it) and they said it hurts really really bad and can push a man 2-3 meters away. Friday night I went out with some of my friend and there were obviously too many ambulances in the street with their lights on & they should have been carrying injured people. I was in “Mohseni Square” around 23 P.M. and there were some militia forces around the square but no crowd. My mother went to “gisha Street” Friday night, she said the traffic was so heavy and police forces avoided people from going on the bridge that goes to “amirabad” & under the bridge as they were waiting in the traffic they saw some really bad scenes of special forces attacking people and beat them to death so she called me crying and begged to come home. I personally know a thirty year old man who was arrested in the first night and hasn’t been released yet; he called home the first day and could talk less than a minute to say he is arrested but no more details. Everyone is ready to go out and do something, I mean there is no one happy with the government but it takes time for each individual to have his or her own reasons to go, I talk about it in my future posts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Vow I swear I'm going to do anything necessary to bring my girlfriend back, I know it takes a lot of love, policy, patience, brain and concentration.
You got to stick to what you know is right, or you gonna pay hard.

Monday, June 09, 2003

It's over.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

The world always gives us exactly what we need.