Sunday, July 27, 2003

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Experimental Philosophy For Fun

There are five apes in a cage. A banana is hung from the ceiling & there are some stairs to the banana. The first time the apes go for the banana, a guy sprays cold freezing water to them. They get all wet and freezing and get back to their places. After some time apes start to reach the banana again. Again the man sprays the freezing water on them and they come back to their first positions. After a long time one of the apes try to go up the stairs but the others suddenly attack him and beat the hell out of him.
After that we replace one of the apes with a new one. The new ape tries to catch the banana but all of sudden all four apes attack him and beat him to death. We continue the replacing till we got five new apes. Check it out, there are five apes in a cage, a banana hung from the top of the cage and none of the apes tries to eat it. What has happened to these apes? For those who found the philosophy here are some questions to play with.

How is the apes' situation related to humans?
Who is that guy with the cold freezing water?
Are we the apes, the cage, the banana or maybe the guy?
What is that freezing water?

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Too busy too think,
Too bored to write,
Too hopeless to have hope,
Too clueless to ....

take my hand, 
hurray for the winters come...
cease my plans 
excuse me from the scenes of old 

i can meet you there? , i just don't care 
on this new years day 
with no celebration from me 

Monday, July 21, 2003

I saw a live show yesterday; Avril lavigne was performing a song by Metallica. Metallica crew was in the crowd enjoying the hell out of the show, I knew this girl would make me proud.

I just love when every night in an almost exact time I turn off the fan without waking up completely. I love the feeling when you don't know what's going on but you know what to do. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... delicious.

My boss said the other day that if you want to tease someone these days you should show him/her honesty, Because it is rare and people are not use to it, they don't know how to react to it & they know they're weak against it.

I'm happy & I'm not,
I'm bored & I'm not,
I'm excited & I'm not,
I'm active & I'm not,
I'm lazy & I'm not,
I'm hopeful & I'm not, 
Maybe it's because of the dog days.

Friday, July 18, 2003

How Smart Is This

I'm understanding something from French activities. First they arrested People's Mujahedin's members just when United States was thinking about using them against Iran in a battle. Now when Iran's judiciary was arresting everybody they publish an article in Liberation newspaper which says the revolutionary prosecutor of Teheran Saeed Mortazavi killed Canadian photographer himself. Here is Google's Translation for the article. I think French authorities are making strong efforts to bring down the hardliners to ease up the situation & help solving the problems politically. It just bump into my head, I have no proves.

What we're dealing here with, is a total lack of respect for the law.
News & Stuff

Death of Iranian-Canadian photographer - Zahra Kazemi - is becoming a real problem for the government. I just saw Italian minister for equal opportunities, Stefania Prestigiacomo said: "What happened to the Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi in Tehran is appalling, and I am very worried now. It is not tolerable that today, when civilization should have overcome barbarities, a person can be beaten to death just because it wants to do its job." Then added: "It is time for the international community to intervene with determination in countries such as Iran, to make them adopt real and concrete measures in favour of human rights." Those are strong words & very important because as far as I know Italy is head of UE now. News about Iran's government Blocking websites are still around as I found an article on Index For Free Expression which says: "In addition to banning about 80 newspapers and magazines, authorities have created a list of 'immoral' and 'political' sites that 'make fun of religious and political figures in the country'. ISPs could face court action if they do not comply." After giving information about some arrested journalists it concludes: "A total of 17 journalists are currently detained in Iran, which makes it the biggest prison for journalists in the Middle East."
As things go crazy in Iran around topics like Human Rights & Freedom Of Speech Iran postpones visit of U.N. rights official. The reason might be new journalists arrests or death of Canadian photographer although Iran's official IRNA news agency said the visit was postponed due to problems arranging Ligabo's schedule.
I can't believe this - Cuba jams Iran broadcasts. I always thought Cuba was a reliable country in the world. I don't like the channels broadcasting from the U.S. myself but they had no right to jam them, I mean come on Mr. Castro! What did you think you were doing teaming up with our government? Do you wanna die alone?
Seems to be true, Iran has Al-Qaeda's spokesman & after they tried to get rid of it by returning him back to Kuwait, their Interior minister says "his country does not want to know al-Qaeda spokesman after being stripped of his citizenship." There have been some gossips about Iran trying to make a business out of arresting Al-Qaeda's members with U.S. which haven't been proved to be right yet.
Inside Iran, reformist forces are making what some observers have described as a last-ditch effort to thwart the country's increasingly defiant conservative minority, which controls the key levers of power in the Islamic Republic. The strongly worded appeal to Khamenei, sent on July 15 and signed by 350 reform-minded intellectuals, is clearly an attempt to blunt the conservatives' political momentum. There is a really good article about it here which I stoled some sentences of. I really want to go to bed now but you may have time to see this and something I really wanna show you is a Private art exhibition held by a couple who have been in iran around the 50s. One of them said in an interview: "I've learned that a lot of times when we are in America, we think of other countries as being uneducated, but that is very wrong," she said. "Some of the most well educated people I've met were in Iran."

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Finish Quitting Pot

It's the last time I write here about it because I think I'm done. It's been 20 days. Technically it should be out of my body by now, more important it's out of my head.

Once upon a time man was created
I don't know how,
then man created GOD 
because he was too weak facing all this alone.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Progressive Way Of Life

Mind is a dangerous thing we got, awareness is as dengerous. Sometimes I think how better my life would be if I didn't understand half of the things I understand now (not that I understand too much, half of what I understand now no matter how much it is). But it's just one side of it, I mean there was no meaning to it all if we had no brain in our heads. We should figure the ways our brains work. Progression is the answer I found. It means my brain should work all the time; my life should go on all the time. Every second I waste and let my mind fool around, twice that time I should spent to get it back to the game. In progression there is no speed limit, it's about going on.

A Non-Working Day
Wake up late (8:30),
take a shower,
thinking I should cut my hair,
attend an interview in Kish language institute,
buy a newspaper,
cut my hair short,
take another shower,
eat lunch,
go to the pool,
drink lots of fruit juice,
surf the net,
talk to Rosita & piss her off,
count the days I didn't smoke for the 1000th times,
organize some stuff in my room,
manage a schedule for seeing the galleries,
eat dinner,
write this,

Saturday, July 12, 2003

I heard they have filtered Blogspot. I still can reach it with my ISP, but maybe next time I connect I can't. I'd be really sad & angry if that happens. I can't believe we're getting furthur back to basics. There's a good news though; as they moving faster in their way they're reaching the end sooner, because no one can swim against the river. I can live without blogging as long as I can listen to Radiohead & Depeche Mode & ... .

Friday, July 11, 2003

Something to find your own viruses.
If you think you're a cool person, you can give it a try.
Some famous mugshots.
Check out butts of the States &
See how crazy is this.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Once upon a time there was this great newspaper called hamshahri. they printed about half a million of it & it was sold out by noon. Some of the greatest journalists worked there and they had a 8-page additional issue which was even better than the newspaper itself. They all are gone now & the newspaper is turning to bullshit. I won't buy hamshahri anymore & I must say the hell with this country that we have nothing we like in it.

Son: Dad! Why do you keep telling people that you have AIDS?
Dad: Because this way no one would dare to fuck your mother if I died.

Here comes the most anticipated day of the year so far. I don't think it will go anywhere. There are maybe some small street fights but nothing important. Universities are closed, Parliament members asked students not to do anything on this day, which means they're afraid for people's lives. Students wrote a letter to head of UN and asked for help. Their leaders have been arrested (kidnapped) after a news conference. Head of Mosharekat party sent a letter to president Khatami & said there are some activities going on in prisons to make students and other reformist prisoners confess against members of his party. United States sending positive signals to the government and I heard some of the opposition TVs broadcasting from US & England went off.
I think the US government is playing a game with Iran; they ease up on Iran just when every country is forcing Iran about nuclear activities & human rights. It will make Iran's leaders accept their demands easier & after Iran accepted something they going to get hard again to move another step. By the way they realized they don't have any alternatives in Iran. so they have to show a little tenderness to solve some problems.
I wish this happens: Iran hardliners arrest some of reformists so in a couple of month a group of reformists become the opposition. University students have done that already. They will be the best, people will like them, they know what is going on in Iran & they can work with the world especially United States. By end of the year, when it's gonna be parliament election and no one is going to attend this opposition can work with axes of power in Iran to compete hardliners and may do something. Here is something very important; I don't think we can make it through democracy without people like Rafsanjani. Because they are way more powerful than we think. They have all the money and industries & the good thing is they are ready for a deal.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

For those who don't know (That may contain about 90% of you Iranian readers & 95% of non-Iranian readers) Iran's art scene is full of talented people and they increase everyday. I, Ali, Reza & Ghazal has decided to attend as many art galleries as we can this summer. We did it & I must say it worth the time we spend. There are many great works in every area such as Painting, Drawing, Photography, decorating & ... . I'm thinking about a way to show them here or anywhere, first I should search for internet databases of Tehran art galleries (If there are any) then I know what is best to do.

Back to work after about 20 days. I study civil & I work as an assistant engineer in a building. It's a great job, I love it. It's full of action scenes. I like people I work with a lot, They're smart, professional & friendly. Actually my own boss has become the one person I can talk with about anything and learn something.
He's going on a trip in 10 days for some 20 days & I'll be in charge in that time. It's gonna be a big responsibility & a great chance, I'm so excited.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

There's no reason why I put those two white lines there, I just wanted to see how it looks.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Check this out.

My exams are over. I fucked them up, most of'em, at least half of them. It's for the 1000th time that I realized these courses should be studied within the term. Anyway, I learn more HTML now & I hope to design a template of my own soon.

As years go by All the feelings inside Twist and they turn As they ride with the tide I don't advise And I don't criticise I just know what I like With my own eyes Depeche mode

Saturday, July 05, 2003

About Quit Smoking Pot

OK, here comes the end of the eleventh day of my quit smoking pot program. It went really well. I was going to write about it on its 15th day, but something important just came up to my mind. As I got on with my program (That means I hung out with lots of non-smoker friends, I called many others to see how they're doing and if we could do something together, I bought a Badminton Racket, I played badminton & manage to do it on a regular basis, I told my smoker friends not to hand over pot to me when we're together & they listened) I figured I should not talk about drugs with these new people I go out with. Because it's an interesting topic and they know I have information they would wanna talk about it. I found it important no to do it.
Since this weblog works as kind of a record keeper for me, I thought I should not wait until the 15th day.

Friday, July 04, 2003

There’s something I should say. The political situation of Iran is so hopeless & everytime I want to write about it I just don’t feel like it. The worst thing is I can write about what goes on around Iran but I can’t write about what goes on in Iran. It’s obviously because I can see no hope in the country but in the mean time I look outside for help. We’re in deep shit. Who would want foreigners to interfere in his country, we should think of some solutions.

Music is the emotion, the rhythm and the groove not the instrument or the lyrics.

Test your internet connection speed here.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

I have an annoying problem with Blogger and it's getting on my nerves.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Peace Means Reloading Your Guns.

Twisted Thoughts
When the muse is gone and it's like there have never been a poet .....
Wait a second, Didn't the poet write this one too? So the poet is still here. What happened to the muse? Does every poet need a muse? Doesn't it mean the muse still is in the poet's mind? Maybe the poet is the muse.

Here is the website for Behrooz Afkhami's new Movie - Gavkhooni. He is a special man in Iran's filmmaking arena. They say if nothing unexpected happens it will be in theatres in early fall.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Check this out. Really cool.