Saturday, August 02, 2003

What Goes On Around Iran

BBC has this full coverage on Iran-US relation by Roger Hardy. It's a four part article which goes through the topic deeply and step by step and clear the situation all the way. The first part looks at the debate in Washington over how to deal with the Islamic regime. The second part is about US perceptions of how durable the Iranian regime may prove to be, and what might take its place. In the third part Hardy focuses on what Americans think about the issue of Iran and terrorism. Finally, the fourth part is where we reach the conclusion.
It says: "So, what policy options might the US choose to pursue? The choices range from engagement with Iran to the aggressive pursuit of "regime change". "I think that, while we have to keep uppermost the nuclear-weapon component of our policy, at the same time we ought to try to engage Iran on some of these difficult issues," says Mr Hamilton - the former Democratic Party Congressman. Joshua Muravchik, a prominent neo-con of the right-wing think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, thinks that the goal of regime change in Iran is at least clearly implicit in what the Bush administration is trying to do. A few of the neo-cons favour military action to remove what they see as the threat posed by Iran, for example, through strikes against its nuclear facilities. Some people believe that the neo-conservatives are not that strong anymore but if the neo-cons have been temporarily weakened, they are certainly not out of the game. They are biding their time, waiting for George W Bush to win a second term in next year's presidential elections. For now, US policy is in limbo, but sooner or later the policy-makers will need to decide whether they want to negotiate with the Iranian mullahs in order to change their behaviour, or isolate and bully them in the hope they fall from power."

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