Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What if it is a set up? What if it is all a plan to make us vote on Friday? What if we are going to do something we don't see its behinds?
.... Paranoia .... My world just does not work like that. I'm not going to sit and make up stories when the truth is as clear as that. I'm not going to watch it happens, whatever it is. Yes it smells suspicious but I'm not gonna decide on that.
Our generation's political life mainly started with voting for Khatami, a beautiful election. It was obvious who to vote for. We left it all when it became ugly, we didn't want to vote for those we didn't love, those not as perfect as our ideal president should have been. Without even thinking about the alternative we left it for the others to deal with.
Some didn't want to vote for Moeen because he couldn't talk beautiful, yes he didn't have the charisma. Logic or a calculation can't make us move but charisma can. It takes rebels to live in this world. A rebel is not only who fights with a kalashnikov, a rebel can be a normal person living a normal life in this big town. We can be rebels, it takes courage.
It is a hectic situation, like all moments in life, it can be a chance to win or to go down, it's us who decide. We can improvise excuses, we can say it's a set up, we can be silent and pass by or we can make it a test of democracy, a lesson and a trust in what we see not in conspiracy theories based on nothing.

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