Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For The Record

I've been around, it's been fine and fun. No post with no reason. Well, sometimes I wonder if writing is only a way to free myself of anger, sadness, etc. And I should say it's not. Here I'm writing and I'm not being forced any kind of extreme emotion, just for the record, just for the word.
during this time a lot has happened, this is what I remember:
- I went to Jordan for 3rd time this year.
- I went to Jordan through Bahrain, so I visited the 3rd country of Middle East including United Arab Emirates. I have a lot to say about the visits, cultures and life styles. I really believe I should visit a European country as soon as possible.
- I did an ACID in Masooleh. It's a fantastic place north of Iran.
- I have a new boss, the interesting part is that he is an Afghan guy. So far we have gotten along pretty well.
- I joined a Network Marketing Company called Quest International.
- A very good friend of mine, living in Germany, visited Iran.
- I'm going to a Digital Photography class.
- Together with my cousin, we're going to French sessions.
- I participated in the entrance exam for Social Science in a remote university (is this the right word?)
- I'm in an exciting relationship, a unique experiment.

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