Sunday, July 27, 2003

Experimental Philosophy For Fun

There are five apes in a cage. A banana is hung from the ceiling & there are some stairs to the banana. The first time the apes go for the banana, a guy sprays cold freezing water to them. They get all wet and freezing and get back to their places. After some time apes start to reach the banana again. Again the man sprays the freezing water on them and they come back to their first positions. After a long time one of the apes try to go up the stairs but the others suddenly attack him and beat the hell out of him.
After that we replace one of the apes with a new one. The new ape tries to catch the banana but all of sudden all four apes attack him and beat him to death. We continue the replacing till we got five new apes. Check it out, there are five apes in a cage, a banana hung from the top of the cage and none of the apes tries to eat it. What has happened to these apes? For those who found the philosophy here are some questions to play with.

How is the apes' situation related to humans?
Who is that guy with the cold freezing water?
Are we the apes, the cage, the banana or maybe the guy?
What is that freezing water?

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