Saturday, July 05, 2003

About Quit Smoking Pot

OK, here comes the end of the eleventh day of my quit smoking pot program. It went really well. I was going to write about it on its 15th day, but something important just came up to my mind. As I got on with my program (That means I hung out with lots of non-smoker friends, I called many others to see how they're doing and if we could do something together, I bought a Badminton Racket, I played badminton & manage to do it on a regular basis, I told my smoker friends not to hand over pot to me when we're together & they listened) I figured I should not talk about drugs with these new people I go out with. Because it's an interesting topic and they know I have information they would wanna talk about it. I found it important no to do it.
Since this weblog works as kind of a record keeper for me, I thought I should not wait until the 15th day.

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