Sunday, June 29, 2003

Let’s talk about “St. Anger”. I first was so excited about hearing a thrash metal album played by metallica, I still am. But maybe it’s better to first see it without considering it a metallica material.
Vocal is bad. Sometimes it gets annoying. Especially when he is turning from his hard voice to his soft voice, something bad happens in between.
Lyrics are good. As it’s clear they’re angry. There are brilliant lines everywhere & the important thing is it gets along well with the music.
Music is in the middle. Many of the rhythms seems like they have been played before. Maybe they listened to too much "system of a dawn". There no melodies, I have no problem with that. You wanna know the truth, I don’t know what’s wrong with it, I like it when I listen but there is no will to listen again. Maybe this style just doesn’t tolerate many over 4-minutes songs.
I think it will take another album for them to find a unique acceptable style after all these years of bullshit like “load” & “reload”. After all there are 3-4 songs I really liked. I like the feeling in lyrics that they’re not proud what of wasted years. I like the feeling they want to be back.
Anyway, It’s a good return.

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