Saturday, June 14, 2003

What’s going on in the streets of Tehran
So, for the fourth night in some regions of Tehran, demonstrations & street fights took place. I didn’t go to such places like “amirabad”, “velenjak” & “Kargar Street” because of lots of reasons I’ll talk about later. But there is some accurate information and might be interesting: I know one person who was injured at the first night, he was hit in the head, and his skull is cracked. First they took him to one of Sepah’s hospitals, but because of his dangerous situation they let him out to another hospital after his parents gave them a house ownership. I talked to some people who were hit by the “electric sticks” (I don’t know if this is the right name for it) and they said it hurts really really bad and can push a man 2-3 meters away. Friday night I went out with some of my friend and there were obviously too many ambulances in the street with their lights on & they should have been carrying injured people. I was in “Mohseni Square” around 23 P.M. and there were some militia forces around the square but no crowd. My mother went to “gisha Street” Friday night, she said the traffic was so heavy and police forces avoided people from going on the bridge that goes to “amirabad” & under the bridge as they were waiting in the traffic they saw some really bad scenes of special forces attacking people and beat them to death so she called me crying and begged to come home. I personally know a thirty year old man who was arrested in the first night and hasn’t been released yet; he called home the first day and could talk less than a minute to say he is arrested but no more details. Everyone is ready to go out and do something, I mean there is no one happy with the government but it takes time for each individual to have his or her own reasons to go, I talk about it in my future posts.

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