Monday, June 16, 2003

The other night (Sunday night) protests in Tehran were less than before and traffic was not as heavy as before. Friday night militia forces attacked demonstrators with knives and chains and beat them really bad. It was like they were told to be more serious, as they attack some dormitories a couple of hours later that night. Yesterday an influential group of Iranian dissidents issued an unprecedented declaration defending the right to criticize their leaders. Various people with different ideas have signed the declaration and that’s the important point about the letter. Let’s take a look at foreign newspapers articles about Iran. There are some new accusations like Iran recruits Saddam's scientists to build long-range missile from Daily Telegraph and N Korea exports missiles to Iran by air from Japan Today. " The Public Security Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has arrested the president, senior executives and employees of a machinery manufacturer on suspicion of illegally exporting to Iran machinery with military potential. " been said on . As we're getting closer to Monday's meeting of the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency there are more news about Iran's atomic situation. There is an article in MSNBC which represent a useful point of view. it says "experts are questioning whether it's really possible to stop countries — let alone terrorists — from acquiring such weapons. " and "If the nonproliferation regime cannot solve this problem with Iran, I think the nonproliferation treaty will become not irrelevant, but a place where the good guys show that they are good guys — not a real treaty that can be used to resolve tensions.'' There is an article about "Mojahedine Khlagh", A terorrist group based in Iraq which now they are under supervision of U.S. forces in Iraq.

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