Monday, June 23, 2003

What goes on around Iran

Ok, politics again. Iran is in headlines these days, no doubt about that. I have never seen this much articles in U.S. state newspapers about Iran. It’s like each one of them has something to say about us.
It was the same way Iraq war occurred, first it was in the newspapers, but politicians denied everything, then, step by step U.S. officials start to say the same things. It was exactly when the public heard enough of it so people wouldn’t freak out hearing them from the president. This is how things work in 2003 and everyone should gain their own interests through the media, and at the end I believe people won’t pick something wrong. So if anyone has anything to say should say it now.
By the way, senator Brownback pushes change for Iran “Using the same philosophy that drove the war in Iraq” said Alan Bjerga in an article at
In the mean time secretary of state – Colin Powell – is doing the same thing I described above. He said: "We are against Iranian support of terrorist activities, against [a] nuclear weapons development program. We hope that the Iranians will not play an unhelpful role in our reconstruction efforts in Iraq." And then he said: "But for some to go beyond that and say the United States is getting ready for something aggressive or looking for another place to have a conflict, it is absolutely wrong." There's another article agrees that U.S. officials are doing the same thing they did with Iraq.
I found an article at based in India which looks at the situation from opposite view. It agrees that revolution in Iran went the wrong way, but it also says that we – Iranian – owe it to ourselves and it’s our problem, we should get over it. It warns Bush: “Bush must have realized by now that conquering Iraq may have been a least difficult of problems but how does he conquers the hearts & minds of a people.”
People's Mujahedeen's situation is steel not clear. France goverment has released many of them but some are still in jail. there some sayings about returning them to Iran but seems untrue. They are doing anything they can to avoid any further harm.
And the most important issue about Iran is our nuclear power. Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country would condition its nuclear cooperation with Iran on Tehran's openness to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency. He pointed to an unofficial deal and said: "Moscow would insist that the new Iraqi authorities allow some of Russia's major investment projects to go forward." Iran has not accept new not-arranged visits yet but with this much pressure from around the world, they will.
At the end here is one thing Iran did to ease the situation in the past couple of days - and I must say it worths nothing. they declare that Iran has identified some of Al-qaeda members that were arrested in Iran.

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